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-====== Summit Route ====== 
-This 25km route can be started at any of two overnight huts but starting at Naga camp is recommended. 
-**Naga camp** is located on the western side of the reserve. The camp can accommodate 12 hikers (2 rooms each with 6 beds and mattresses) and has a flush toilet, bucket shower and a boma. Firewood is supplied but it's advisable to arrive early and check since it is occasionally forgotten. 
-**Witkruiskrans camp** is a beautiful overnight hut on the eastern side of the reserve and consists of three large A-Frame huts. Two of the huts are equipped with 6 beds and mattresses each and the third serves as the '​kitchen'​. The camp also has a braai area (firewood supplied), flush toilet and bucket shower. 
-**From Naga camp to Witkruiskrans camp**. The trail climbs to the western ridge and follows the the summit to boekenhout knop for a well deserved rest. From here the trail descends into the ravine to the rock pools where hikers can take a nice relaxing swim in the crisp mountain stream. From the pools the trail joins the Baviaanskrans trail. A steep climb to the beacon at bakenkop. The trail then descends steeply down the other side of the western mountain to Witkruiskrans camp. 
-**From Witkruiskrans camp to Naga camp**. The trail starts with a 2 hour climb after which the trail follows the perimeter of the reserve. Finally crossing the eastern mountain, past the Zebra dam and a climb to Hoogtepunt, past mushroom rock and finally Naga camp.