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 +====== Overnight Facilities at Kgaswane Mountain Reserve ======
 +The reserve has a group camp for up to 50 people, a self catering cottage for up to 14 people and 22 camp/​caravan with maximum of 8 people per stand.
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​6"​ md="​4"​ lg="​3">​[[{|width:​100%;​}caravan_camping|Caravan & Camping]]</​col>​
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​6"​ md="​4"​ lg="​3">​[[{|width:​100%;​}group_camp|Group Camp]]</​col>​
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​6"​ md="​4"​ lg="​3">​[[{|width:​100%;​}self_catering_cottage|Self Catering Cottage]]</​col>​