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 +====== Hiking Trails in Kgaswane Mountain Reserve ======
 +Kgaswane Mountain Reserve is well known for it's overnight hikes. These consist of the 19km baviaanskrans trail and 25km Summit route. Both hiking trails are equiped with overnight huts and can accommodate 12 hikers per trail.
 +Kgaswane Mountain Reserve also has two day trails. A 5km interpretive trail and a 2km vleiramble which is populor with bird watchers. ​
 +Summer can be very hot in the reserve and hikers walking in the summer are advised to carry plenty of water and to start early.
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​6"​ md="​4"​ lg="​3">​[[{|width:​100%;​}vleiramble|Vleiramble]]</​col>​
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​6"​ md="​4"​ lg="​3">​[[{|width:​100%;​}peglarae_trail|Peglarae Trail]]</​col>​
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​6"​ md="​4"​ lg="​3">​[[{|width:​100%;​}baviaanskrans_trail|Baviaanskrans Trail]]</​col>​
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​6"​ md="​4"​ lg="​3">​[[{|width:​100%;​}summit_trail|Summit Trail]]</​col>​