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 +====== Things to do near Kgaswane ======
 +<​well>​Do you know or own anything worth doing around Kgaswane Mountain Reserve? Feel free to [[wiki:​syntax|add,​ edit and improve information]] or [[contact_us| contact us]] with relevant information.</​well>​
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​6"​ md="​4"​ lg="​3">​[[{|width:​100%;​}kgaswane_accommodation|Accommodation]]</​col>​
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​6"​ md="​4"​ lg="​3">​[[{|width:​100%;​}pubs_and_restaurants|Pubs & Restaurants]]</​col>​
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​6"​ md="​4"​ lg="​3">​[[{|width:​100%;​}kgaswane_festivals|Festivals]]</​col>​